About the Blog


The blog’s mission is to foster among its visitors a stronger connection to NC State and the Alumni Association. How do we do this? By aggregating and sharing news about the university and its students, faculty, staff and alumni. By combing through the NCSU Libraries archives and our files to bring you interesting bits of NC State history. By supplementing the material we publish in NC State magazine. By telling you what’s happening at the Alumni Association. By providing you the opportunity to contribute and participate in the conversation. By spotlighting all the things that make NC State the vital institution it is.

Who we are

  • Minnie Bridgers, director of marketing, communications and web strategy
  • Kathy Hart, associate executive director and director of Wolf Treks Travel
  • Bill Krueger, senior associate editor, NC State magazine
  • Chris Saunders, associate editor, NC State magazine


We welcome reader comments. A blog is meant to facilitate conversation, and we hope you’ll join in. Reader comments are reviewed before they’re released, so they won’t show up immediately. Disagreement is fine, but we ask that you keep your comments civil. That means no profane, vulgar, hateful or threatening language. Personal attacks, insults and name-calling are unacceptable.

How to Contact Us

Have you seen news we should link to in a blog post? Or maybe even a story idea for NC State magazine? Let us know. Contact us at alumni-assoc-blog@ncsu.edu. Any text we use in a post may be edited for length, style and clarity. Submission does not guarantee publication.