Today in NC State History: A tangled web the Wolfpack weaves

August 19, 2015
By Chris Saunders

historyIconAs fall classes start today, NC State students will go to their first class and get a feel for what the semester holds in store. But whereas the first day used to be reserved for receiving a hard copy of the due dates, reading lists and course materials, now students are accessing all of that online, sometimes even before they set foot in the classroom.

Even elementary school children are going to the Internet to do homework and swiping on tablets for answers to solve equations.

But in 2002, we were still in the beginning of the sea change that made technology a vital part of education. And as a result, it was on this day 13 years ago that the Technician announced that NC State had revamped its website, a symbol of the growing acceptance among university and college officials across the U.S. that they would have to embrace and incorporate the world that’s just a click away.

“Through these Web sites, universities everywhere are making it possible for students to not only get information regarding a school,” the Technician reported, “but these sites oftentimes allow students to register for classes, check their account statuses and even chat with fellow students.”

So what did the new website hold in store? Quicker downloads and a more NC State-centric design, “with graphics that emphasize NCSU icon such as the Bell Tower, daily campus news items and multicolumn page designs that eliminate much of the scrolling that has been required on some pages,” according to the report in the paper.

And what is now part of search-engine second nature every day for millions of people around the world was only at its inception on State’s campus. “One other facet to the Web site has already received a much-needed boost — the search engine,” read the Technician. “The university recently switched to Google technology, which should provides [sic] faster and more effective searches.”


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