Today in NC State History: NC State finds itself ‘in the pines’

May 1, 2015
By Chris Saunders

historyIconThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill had the Golden Fleece in 1922. Down the road, Trinity College housed the 9019. At the University of Virginia, there was the Raven Society.

All were organizations that placed a premium on elevating levels of scholarship loyalty and “higher aims for life” at their respective universities, according to The Technician.

But North Carolina State College had nothing. That was until this day 93 years ago when the college welcomed the formation of the Pine Burr Society to campus.

A page from the 1924 Agromeck announcing that year's class. We could not locate the inaugural class' announcement in the 1923 Agromeck.

A page from the 1924 Agromeck announcing that year’s class. We could not locate the inaugural class’ announcement in the 1923 Agromeck.

“The Pine Burr Society is forever a State College organization,” The Technician read. “It is not a local fraternity, and it will never become affiliated with any national honorary fraternity. It is neither professional, nor departmental in membership. Student membership will be chosen from all of our college courses leading to a degree. This organization is founded on the basic principles of the former Watauga Club of Raleigh.”

In order to be a member, a State man had to have completed two-and-a-half years of course work toward a degree and maintain a grade of 85 percent or more in that coursework.

The society’s first class had 34 members from all class levels.

“The Pine Burr is everywhere symbolical of the Old North State; everywhere characteristic of the plain, frank, rugged people that have lived with it,” The Technician wrote. “For this reason, the society was so named. May the Pine Bur Society soon be a great organization known throughout the country, may its body of members help to give to the pine burr of sunny Carolina a greater and more widely known significance.”


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