Today in NC State History: Hillsborough Street howls in celebration

April 13, 2015
By Chris Saunders

historyIconIf we were to ask what raucous celebration occurred on Hillsborough Street  around the early- to mid-1980s, you’d probably feel confident in your answer. Chances are you wouldn’t be alone if your answer was the 1983 men’s basketball national championship celebration.

But you would be overlooking what happened on this day in 1985, when McDonald’s opened on Hillsborough Street and celebrated the 30th anniversary of the chain’s beginnings.

The Saturday morning celebration consisted of a parade featuring the NC State marching band and a national radio deejay, according to the Technician.

Wolfman Jack. Photo courtesy of Technician.

Wolfman Jack. Photo courtesy of Technician.

“Upon arrival at the restaurant, Ronald McDonald, Wolfman Jack and executives of the McDonald’s corporation cut a ceremonial ribbon and declared the restaurant open to the general public,” the paper reported.

Despite the weight of burger history and fast-food annals bearing down on the moment, it was Wolfman Jack who stole the show.

“Following the parade, Wolfman Jack talked to members of the press and handed out autograph pictures,” read the Technician‘s account. “…It seemed Wolfman Jack turned the McDonald’s grand opening into gold and made the event special for everyone who attended.”



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