Today in NC State History: Jim Valvano bids adieu to Pack

April 7, 2015
By Chris Saunders

historyIconSome NC State fans may cite it as the day the music died for Wolfpack basketball. Others may say it was something that should have happened long before it did.

But no matter how you frame it, nothing changes that it was on this day 25 years ago when Jim Valvano left Reynolds Coliseum and NC State University behind after he and university administrators reached a mutual agreement that would pay him more than $238,000 on his way out, according to a 1990 Technician report.

“North Carolina State University and Jim Valvano have mutually agreed that it is in the best interest of the university community to end a long association that began in 1980,” read a statement by Larry Monteith, who was interim chancellor at the time.

ValvanoTerminatedThe Technician reported that Valvano had been terminated without cause. But it didn’t come without a fight, as Valvano’s camp made several attempts before the agreement to convince the university to retain him, even going so far as to submit “a proposal by Valvano to work for $1 a year,” the Technician reported.

The decision marked the end of a 10-year relationship that brought NC State two ACC tournament championships, six NCAA tournament appearances and one national championship. But the Woflpack was also placed on probation on Valvano’s watch in 1989 for NCAA violations.

“North Carolina State University will miss Jim Valvano,” Monteith continued in his statement. “His spirit and enthusiasm on the basketball court provided us with many thrills and much pride during his tenure.”

Valvano died three years later after a battle with cancer.




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