Today in NC State History: New policy tries to make the grade

March 19, 2015
By Chris Saunders

historyIconStudents at NC State in 1964 had heard the rumors of a proposed change in grading policy. The rumors turned out to be true, as Chancellor John. T. Caldwell and administrators from student affairs had presented a new grading policy earlier that year to the university’s Faculty Senate. And students were a bit confused if it would affect the entire student body or only incoming freshmen in the fall of 1964.

But the policy was made clear on this day 51 years ago when The Technician outlined the new grading system with the news that the Faculty Senate had approved it.

The system would, in fact, apply to all NC State students, and it would go into effect the following fall.

It had two primary changes. One, it operated under a sliding-scale grading system. Two, it rescinded “the privilege of repeating up to 15 hours of course work without having the first grade received dropped from their quality point average,” according to The Technician. Instead, if students repeated courses, all grades received in the course would be averaged together for a cumulative grade for the course.

Students could still repeat courses according to the old policy through the summer.

And there was one last preparation that had to be made gearing up for the new policy that fall. “[Dean of Students James J. Stewart] added that a program is being written for the IBM’s to operate under the new system in preparing grade sheets,” the paper reported.


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