Today in NC State History: Students stave off eviction notices

February 20, 2015
By Bill Krueger

historyIconIt’s not uncommon for college students to find themselves dealing with misfortunes such as poor grades, broken romances or parking tickets. But eviction notices?

That’s what the residents of Alexander Hall were facing in 1967 until, on this day 48 years ago, the students managed to convince university officials not to kick them out in the middle of the school year.

Alexander residents were given only two weeks notice that they would have to move out of Alexander and find housing somewhere else on campus. They were told that the dorm had to be emptied by the first of March in order to make renovations so that the dorm could be used by female students the following September.

Reaction to the planned eviction was “spontaneous and critical,” according to an account in The Technician. Alexander residents organized, and had representatives meet with university officials to discuss possible alternatives to the eviction.

alexander hallUltimately, the residents were allowed to stay, with construction work being done with students still living in the dorm. University officials applauded the residents for how they handled the situation.

“I think these boys have done a fine job of presenting to us a grievance that they felt merited consideration,” read a joint statement by the Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Student Housing.

“They presented this to us in an adult fashion and worked out a solution with us. This is the way problems should be handled.”


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