Today in NC State History: Nimoy beams in for campus talk

January 26, 2015
By Bill Krueger

historyIconThrough the years, countless speakers have visited NC State’s campus to talk with students. It’s not unusual, though, for them to struggle to draw a large crowd.

That was not the case when actor Leonard Nimoy visited campus on this date in 1977.

Nimoy drew a crowd of 750, some of them in full Star Trek attire, when he spoke at Stewart Theatre. Nimoy portrayed Mr. Spock on the popular series.

Spock“There’s no question that Mr. Spock was the most rewarding character overall in my lifetime,” Nimoy said, according to an account in the Technician. “There were other characters that I enjoyed playing as much, but didn’t have nearly the effect that Spock had on my life.”

The series had ended when Nimoy visited NC State.  He said he had enjoyed dabbling in photography and writing poetry since the series ended. His first collection of poetry, You and I, sold well.

But Nimoy said he never tired of playing Mr. Spock.

“No, I never became bored,” he said. “Sometimes there were scripts that I wasn’t too excited about. We had a few ‘turkeys’ in there.”


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  1. Kevin Angley says:

    Afterwards he attended a social event in Lee Dorm Coffeehouse. I was on the Lee House Council and a friend and I had the task of transporting him across campus.

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