Kat Robichaud goes grassroots in release of new album

January 22, 2015
By Bill Krueger

NC State alumna Kat Robichaud first attracted national notice on a stage that is the epitome of the mainstream – on the NBC singing-competition show The Voice, where she made the top-10 before exiting in November 2013.

But she’s been working the grassroots side of things since then, raising more than $42,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to record an album (which fellow NC State alumnus Ian Schreier produced). And she’s also taking the DIY route on putting out the album, “Darling Misfits,” which will be released Jan. 27 (it’s available for pre-order through her website, katrobichaud.com).

“You never know who knows you, so I’m always explaining myself,” says Robichaud, a 2006 graduate of NC State’s College of Design. “‘Hey, I’m Kat Robichaud, used to be on The Voice, can I please play here?’ It’s a big world and the 15 million people who watched ‘The Voice’ is a small slice because they’re spread out all over. So whatever fans I have out there, I’ve got to go find them.”

katalbum“Darling Misfits” is a sharp album that makes nods to the glam-rock era (David Bowie fans, take note), with subject matter for most of the songs drawn straight from Robichaud’s life.

“Somebody Call the Doctor” was inspired by her love of the cult sci-fi series Doctor Who, while Robichaud wrote “Apple Pie and a Knife” in response to Voice viewers who were vocal about their dislike of her “rocker girl” image on the show. Author Neil Gaiman, husband of Robichaud’s mentor/pal Amanda Palmer, was the inspiration behind the hopeful statement-of-purpose anthem “Of Course There’s Still Room.”

“Neil was giving a talk somewhere and a film student asked what he says to students who feel a dime a dozen,” Robichaud says. “And Neil’s answer was, ‘How can you ever say there’s too many of anything? You could be the next Steven Spielberg. It’s not about volume. There’s only one of you.’ So many people are trying to do what I do. There’s over-saturation and it’s so hard to break through. But I’ll keep pushing.”

—David Menconi


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