Today in NC State History: Campus adopts ‘supply’ side economics

January 21, 2015
By Chris Saunders

historyIconL.L. Ivey was a Stanley County, N.C., native and a veteran of World War I who carved out a nice career for himself at NC State after the war as owner and operator of the campus’ Students Supply Store for 25 years.

But it was on this day in 1944 that it was announced Ivey had sold the store to the college, thereby transferring “its stock, furniture, fixtures, and all other equities connected therewith to the North Carolina State College Scholarship Fund,” according to The Technician.

The move allowed for all future profits from the Students Supply Store to be used for scholarships awarded annually by the State College Scholarship Committee. Ivey was contracted to stay on as an active business manager. And the enterprise continued its operation in three locations — the main store in the College Y.M.C.A. and two other stores in what was known as the “Freshman Quadrangle” between Alexander and Turlington halls.

L.L. Ivey

L.L. Ivey

A new supply store was built in 1959.

The Technician article also included a valuable history of the student bookstore up until that point in 1944. “The history of the various student book stores was able to be traced as far back as 1910, at which time such a store was being operated by the Athletic Association in one room of what is now the Publications Building, where it was managed by two of the football players,” the article reported. “From about 1914 to 1916, the student book store was operated as a private enterprise by Colonel J.W. Harrelson, then an instructor in the mathematics department, and was located in the basement of Primrose Hall.”

Harreslon would go on to be named in 1934 NC State’s dean of administration, a title that was changed to chancellor in 1945.


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