Today in NC State History: Students get a friendly hello

November 26, 2014
By Chris Saunders

historyIconStudent leaders didn’t have the typical priority leading off their list of needed campus changes in the mid-1930s. They weren’t concerned with better food in the cafeteria or a cleaner and more scenic campus. No, they wanted one simple thing for the average NC State College student — more friends.

So it was on this day in 1934 that a gala was held on Riddick Field to commemorate the beginning of NC State’s inaugural “Hello Week,” an event aimed at renewing “the waning school spirit here and to further more friendly relations among the students,” according to an issue of The Technician.

At the Riddick event, each member of the student body was provided a badge with his name on it. “This will enable the entire student body to become better acquainted,” the article reported. “Each student will be requested to speak to each passing student whether he be on campus or elsewhere.”

Hello Week led into the 1934 football game with Duke, a move by student leaders to capitalize on a rivalry “while sentiment was at a rather high pitch.” The game was supposed to take place on Thanksgiving Day, but it was rained out and played that Saturday. The Blue Devils shut out the Wolfpack, 32-0.

We were unable to find a date in our research indicating when Hello Week said goodbye on NC State’s campus, but we do know it was an annual event at least until 1949.


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