Born years apart, Carter and Finley combine for tribute to Wolfpack football stadium

November 20, 2014
By Bill Krueger

Hanging on the walls of the Worley family’s basement – which are fashioned in shades of red and white — you’ll find a panoramic picture of Carter-Finley Stadium, an NC State banner and family pictures that include Scot Worley, his wife, Jennifer Worley and their four children. They are all dressed in red.

“The die-hard NC State fan definitely lives in our house,” says Scot Worley, who is fitness coordinator at Haywood Regional Health and Fitness Center in Clyde, N.C.

Scot Worley and Jennifer Worley met in 1998 at NC State. They immediately connected, and shortly after Jennifer Worley graduated in 2000, they got married and moved to Clyde.

The Worleys decided to have children in 2001, and they started with an idea in mind.

“Carter-Finley Stadium was a special place for both of us,” says Scot Worley, who graduated from NC State in 1999. “When we had our first child in ’02, Carter was a popular name at the time. And we talked about how neat it would be to have a combination for the names, with a boy and a girl.”

Carter and Finley

Carter holding Finley outside Carter-Finley Stadium

The combination would have to wait as two more boys — Bryce in 2004 and Foster in 2010 — followed Carter.

The Worleys gave it one more try in 2012. When Worley saw the ultrasound for the first time, he knew that what had started as just an idea more than a decade ago would now come to fruition. Without hesitation, he looked up and said, “There’s Finley.”

The Worleys soon had a boy named Carter and a girl named Finley – a fitting combination for a Wolfpack family.

Finley is just two years old, but she knows when it’s game time for the Wolfpack. “No matter what, we’re watching NC State football,” says Scot Worley. “Finley really completed the family.”

The Worleys are a busy family. Many weekends are spent doing chores around the house or at youth soccer games, but they’ll make the trek east on I-40 for at least one football game every fall.

“We wanted to expose our kids to the atmosphere of the stadium,” says Scot Worley. “The atmosphere on game day is one of the best in the country. The noise is absolutely incredible.”

Carter-Finley Stadium has seen multiple additions and renovations in the last 15 years, but Worley says it’s the aspects of the stadium that haven’t changed that continue to make it a special place for alumni and fans.

“It’s still the same type of fans, it’s still the same kind of cheering whenever Carolina is losing, it’s the same smells in the parking lot,” he says. “The fan base hasn’t changed, and that’s what makes it special.”

— Will Watkins


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