Today in NC State History: WKNC seeks more input

August 25, 2014
By Chris Saunders

historyIconWKNC has enjoyed a noisy part of NC State’s history on campus over the years, becoming a mainstay in Southern college radio.

But for one brief summer, the station’s signal couldn’t be heard and listeners were treated only to dead air.

“Due to an electrically overloaded antenna, WKNC … has not been to able to broadcast since the early part of June,” the Technician reported.

indexBut it was on this day in 1977 that Sam Taylor, WKNC’s station manager at the time, announced plans to replace the overworked antenna for a new $3,500 one that had increased input power. “It will be able to run at 1,000 watts as compared to the 250 watts the station ran last year,” the article stated.

And as WKNC’s new signal headed across the sky and over the airwaves, it carried with it not only the usual classical, jazz, progressive and top-40 music, but also new programming, which included a one-hour daily show that was centered around the happenings around Raleigh and the state.


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