Today in NC State History: Engineering grows computer savvy

August 3, 2014
By Chris Saunders

historyIconThe College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PAMS) was very much in the computer age in mid-1988, housing NC State’s computer science department.

But that all changed on this day 26 years ago, when the department moved from PAMS to the College of Engineering.

The change did not affect incoming freshmen that year, nor did it bring any immediate change to the computer science curriculum and degree requirements. It did, however, shift the responsibility of signing off on diplomas from the PAMS’ dean to the College of Engineering’s dean.

According to the Technician, the move was an outgrowth of a movement in the computer science department. “During the departmental vote last spring, the CSC faculty ranked their preference for reorganization among several alternatives,” the paper reported. “As their first choice, 17 voted to move to the College of Engineering as an autonomous unit, while eight voted to¬† transfer to the College of Engineering and merge with computer engineering…. Four voted to remain in PAMS.”

The faculty members felt they already were working more closely with their colleagues in the College of Engineering and that their new home might hold more resources, according to the Technician.

NC State’s computer science department still calls the College of Engineering home, and PAMS became a part of the newly formed College of Sciences in July 2013.


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