Alums helping Wolfpack women get professional headshot

March 21, 2014
By Bill Krueger

It used to be that job seekers didn’t need to worry about how they looked until they visited a company for a job interview or made the rounds at a career fair.

But like many other facets of life today, the hunt for a job now often takes place online. And that means that people looking for a job – or to switch jobs – need to be mindful of how they present themselves online.

“The hiring process has changed,” says Fiquet Swain, a 2000 graduate of NC State’s College of Design. “The first thing you do now is go online and go behind the scenes and check the person out.”

As the owner of Luxe Apothecary, a Raleigh beauty store, Swain knows a lot about helping women make a good first impression. So she has teamed up with another NC State alumna, photographer Lindsey Williams, to help other Wolfpack women who may be in the job market.

Swain and Williams are the speakers at an upcoming workshop hosted by the Alumni Association’s Career Services office and the Wake County Alumni Network. They will provide advice on how to best apply makeup for professional photos that can then be used on online sites such as LinkedIn. Williams will also talk about how to plan your wardrobe to get the best photo.


Lindsey Williams

Attendees at the workshop will be entered for the chance to win a professional makeover by Swain and a photo shoot by Williams. The workshop will be held at Luxe Apothecary at 4209 Lassiter Mill Road in Raleigh. The cost is $10 for Alumni Association members and $15 for nonmembers. Registration is required.

“I do makeup for a living,” Swain says. “I know what photographs well. Like it or not, it’s now a big part of the hiring process and networking.”

Swain says that some women make the mistake of thinking that they won’t look professional if they use makeup.

“There’s nothing wrong with looking great,” she says. “People have progressed to the point that they can be attractive and serious. They are not going to be looking like they are going to a nightclub. It’s all a balance and about looking your best.”

Williams, a 2007 graduate of the College of Design, does portrait, wedding and equine photography. She welcomed the chance to give back to NC State and its alumni.

“It’s a great way to help women out, to give them something professional they can use,” Williams says. “I want to help people get the photo that they need, so they can have a professional look.”


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