Today in NC State History: A stand-up guy runs for student body president

March 20, 2014
By Chris Saunders

historyIconPhillip Scott seemingly had a winning platform back in March of 1972 when he was running for student body president and appealed more to those who were the life of the party than to any political one.

He proposed a system wherein food stamps could be converted to beer stamps that could be redeemed at the student union, and he promised that the parking gates on campus would be replaced with cattle guards to keep the coeds in and enable the men on campus to “run free.” And the Technician reported that he vowed to “clean up the thermal air pollution from the English department.”

Scott had seen a similar strategy two years earlier when Eric Plow used humor in a bid that nearly got him elected president. But at least Plow was a real person.

On this day 42 years ago, the Technician ran a story that Philip Scott and his entire campaign was a fake, which trumped even a story about sweeping changes to dorm policies on campus (that story is the one the accompanying picture refers to).


The article reported that an investigation into Scott’s campaign had yielded the discovery that the address he had provided when he filed to run did not exist. He provided no phone number. And he didn’t appear to be listed in any student records in the registrar’s office.

Scott was disqualified for not being real, a requirement under student law. But the mystery continued as there was at least some temporary realness to myth.

“It is known however, that someone going by the name of Philip A. Scott has been seen around campus for at least the last two weeks,” the article read. “He did file as a candidate, was present at an all-candidates meeting … and submitted a campaign statement to the Technician this weekend.”


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