Today in NC State History: Student choice gets beefed up

March 14, 2014
By Chris Saunders

historyIconThe student body and university administration had been engaged in a two year pickle of a situation in the early 1970s concerning student food choice on campus.

Sandwiched in that debate was a “general dissatisfaction” among students with only having one option of packaged hoagies, according to the Technician.

NC State’s big cheese, Chancellor John T. Caldwell, told students that he was open to suggestions from student leaders about sandwich suppliers other than ARA (Slater) Services, the lone sandwich supplier on campus.

Two committees made recommendations to him, and on this day in 1972, NC State’s administration announced student stores could change sandwich providers.

“The guidelines said, in part, that the Supply Store can implement changes based on negotiations with area sandwich suppliers,” the Technician reported. “The choice of supplier would be based on the company or companies which can supply the campus with the highest quality sandwiches at the lowest possible price. The guidelines would allow all sandwich suppliersĀ  to negotiate for a contract on an equal basis.”

Photo courtesy of the Technician.

Photo courtesy of the Technician.


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