Today in NC State History: No honor among wolves

February 16, 2014
By Chris Saunders

historyIconThere had been some momentum during the winter months of 1951 for the adoption of a student honor code at NC State. The chairman of the honor system committee at State had even implored the chief justice of the civilian honor court at Virginia Tech to write an open letter in The Technician entitled “The good that can come from an honor system.”

But on this day 63 years ago, two days after Valentine’s Day, The Technician reported there was no love among the student body for the┬áproposed code.

According the the article, an honor system was a little more than mildly popular, with 78 percent of engineering students, 62 percent of textiles students and 67 percent of design students supporting it.

“We shouldn’t start unless we can get 90 percent of the students behind it,” said Ken Hansen, chairman of the honor system committee.

The NC State Code of Student Conduct that is in place today was first issued Feb. 17, 1990, according to the Office of Student Conduct.


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