A Wolfpack love story includes proposal at Bell Tower

February 14, 2014
By Bill Krueger

Football and Christmas cards aren’t the only Wolfpack traditions Worth Williams shares with his family. He even incorporated NC State into his marriage proposal.

Williams met his fiancé, Haley Hendrix, in 2010 through mutual friends. They were both enthusiastic about sports and attended most football and basketball games together.

Williams’ interest in NC State football came from members of his family. His parents, Tod and Donna Williams, both attended NC State, as did his grandfather and uncles. During football season, his family has season tickets and attends every home game.

“My family’s lives revolve around football season,” Williams says.

Hendrix’s parents, Doug and Carole Hendrix, also support NC State football, although they do not go to every  game. They went to their first Wolfpack football game for parents weekend, and they now go to at least one game a season.

Engagement1The first time Williams’ parents met Hendrix’s parents was at a game against UNC in 2011. “Even though my dad is a Carolina fan, he was wearing all red the day they met,” Hendrix says.

Their parents have been close ever since, and Williams’ invited Hendrix’s parents to his graduation in December 2013. (Hendrix graduated in May 2013 with a master’s degree in elementary education – she now teaches first grade in Pitt County.) After the ceremony, Williams’ mother suggested taking photos at the Bell Tower before going out to dinner.

“He asked me to take some pictures with him, too,” Hendrix says. “I said ‘Hey, let’s do the Wolfpack hand thing’ and then he unzipped his gown and pulled out a box from his pocket.”

All of their immediate family, including Williams’ sister, Ellen, parents and grandparents watched the scene unfold.

“I was so surprised. I asked if he was serious,” Hendrix says. “And then I said, ‘Yes, of course!’”

The family’s dedication to football played a big role in choosing a date for the wedding. “Since the football schedule was released, we finally got to pick a date. There’s no game on October 25, so we’re getting married that day,” Hendrix says.

engagement2Besides choosing a date, Hendrix and Williams, who works for his family’s Worthington Farms, want to include a few other Wolfpack-related traditions in their wedding plans.

“We want to have a Wolfpack themed groom’s cake for the rehearsal dinner,” Hendrix says. “And obviously the Fight Song will be played at some point.”

Hendrix is also considering having red and white pom poms instead of sparklers at the wedding. The couple hopes to come up with even more Wolfpack-related things to include in their ceremony and reception.

That shouldn’t be hard considering Williams’ family has so many Wolfpack-oriented traditions already. Most gifts in his family are Wolfpack themed, as well as their Christmas ornaments and even their family photos for Christmas cards.

“We will be Wolfpack fans forever, “ Hendrix says. “And we will carry on the traditions if we start a family some day.”

—Sam O’Brien


4 Responses to “A Wolfpack love story includes proposal at Bell Tower”

  1. Shelley says:

    Worth and Haley, you can always get Mr. and Mrs. Wuf to come celebrate with you!

  2. Carole Hendrix says:

    So happy to be a Wolfpack ‘In-Law”!

  3. Greg Coley says:

    Great story and 2 more excited Wolfpackers in the world. We get more and more Pack Strong everyday.

  4. Donna Wike says:

    Congratulations Haley and Worth! What a nice surprise to see you on the internet! Best wishes as you plan your wedding!
    Go Wolfpack!

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