Today in NC State History: Before CALS, it became SALS

February 1, 2014
By Bill Krueger

historyIconThe College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) recently went through a bit of upheaval, with some of its disciplines moving last year to the newly renamed College of Sciences (formerly known as the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences).

The moves came almost 50 years after another big change for the college. On this day in 1964, the college underwent a name change, from the School of Agriculture to the School of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It would be another 23 years before all the university’s schools became known as colleges.

The name change in 1964 happened “without incident,” according to an account in the Technician.

University officials said the new name would more accurately reflect what the school had to offer. The new School of Agriculture and Life Sciences included a new Institute of Biological Sciences, the result of a $2 million grant that was described as the largest ever awarded for mathematical genetics.


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