Today in NC State History: Philippine troupe dances at State

December 1, 2013
By Chris Saunders

historyIconReynolds Coliseum has seen its share of great performances, from the rock ‘n’ roll stylings of the Rolling Stones to David Thompson’s leaps over opponents.

But on this day in 1961, the arena was treated to something just as enticing as Thompson’s acrobatics when the Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company performed there.

The performance, which was a part of the Friends of the College series, was presented in five parts to illustrate the cultural heritage of the Philippines.


One of those parts included the Maginlatik (above). The Technician described the all-male dance as one “characterized by horse-play and the beating of a staccato tattoo on sets of coconut shells positioned on the thighs, hips, chests, and backs of dancers. The dance has its origins in a mock fight for latik, which is the coconut meat residue after the oil has been pressed from it.”

The Bayanihan visit would be a precursor to another dance troupe’s performance at NC State several weeks later. In another performance in the Friends of the College Series, the Polish Mazowsze (below), not to be outdone, wowed another Reynolds’ audience.




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