Kat Robichaud turns heads as a contestant on The Voice

October 14, 2013
By Bill Krueger

Kat Robichaud has a great voice. Anybody who has seen her light up the stage with her glam rock band The Design knows that.

And now the rest of the country knows it, too.

Robichaud, who graduated from the College of Design in 2006, is a contestant on NBC’s The Voice, a talent contest that aims to take relatively unknown singers and coach them to stardom. On a recent episode, Robichaud won the judges over with her version of “I’ve Got the Music in Me,” and she will compete on a team of contestants led by pop singer and Voice judge CeeLo Green.

voice-1On The Voice, the vocalists first compete in “blind auditions” before the four judges, who have their chairs turned around and can hear the voice but not see the performance. If a judge wants to mentor a contestant, he or she presses a button that turns the chair around and lights up an “I WANT YOU” sign. In Robichaud’s case, three of the four judges wanted her and she picked CeeLo for her mentor.

Robichaud, who counts Queen and The Rocky Horror Picture Show among her musical influences, is originally from Concord, N.C., but has lived in Raleigh since graduation.

She worked briefly as a freelance graphic artist and then toured with The Design for several years. The group recently made an album, Young America, but broke up last fall.

Robichaud is one of two NC State grads, both from the College of Design, who are competing on reality shows. This week, Justin LeBlanc, who is also an assistant professor at NC State, competes in the finals of Project Runway on Thursday night.

Robichaud may appear on The Voice tonight (these reality shows can be secretive with some of the details) as the contestants perform duets to see who will advance.

What are her chances? We don’t know, but People magazine named Robichaud as one of the contestants to watch, saying she “donned blacked striped pants and a[n] … attitude to catch the judges’ attention with her rocking version of ‘I Got the Music in Me.’ ”

—    Sylvia Adcock ’81


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