Today in NC State History: A club for students’ wives

October 3, 2013
By Bill Krueger

blog_series6The first female students enrolled at NC State in 1921, but nearly 30 years later the university still had an organization known as the Students’ Wives Club of State College.

And on this day in 1947, the Technician carried a short story announcing the club’s next meeting at the College YMCA. There was nothing in the article to suggest that some of the students at State College were women.

The story did note, though, that the club had formerly been known as the Veterans’ Wives Club.

“During the evening, plans for the year will be discussed and definite plans will be made to form a bridge club for the November meeting,” read the story. “All students’ wives are invited to this meeting.”

Today, about 44 percent of the student body at NC State is female.


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