Bullard family to be honored for “bleeding red” for 87 years

September 27, 2013
By Bill Krueger

It seems like NC State has always been a part of the Bullard family. And the Bullard family has long been a part of NC State.

So it’s fitting that they will be honored at tomorrow’s football game against Central Michigan as NC State’s Family of the Year. The family will be honored between the third and fourth quarters as NC State celebrates Parents and Families Weekend.

The winning entry was submitted by Emily and Meredith Bullard, cousins from the Triangle who are both enrolled at NC State. Emily Bullard is a junior majoring in applied mathematics and Meredith Bullard is a freshman planning to major in civil engineering. Emily’s brother, Christopher Bullard, is a senior majoring in political science.

But they are simply the latest members of the Bullard family to study at NC State. Steve and Lisa Bullard (parents of Emily and Christopher) and Michael and Lisa Bullard (parents of Meredith) all graduated from NC State in the 1980s. (Yes, there are two Lisas.)

The Wolfpack family tree runs even further back in time, with Emily and Meredith noting in their winning essay that the first Bullard — Amos Gentry Bullard — graduated from NC State in 1930 before going on to earn a master’s degree at NC State in 1942. Amos’ son, A.G. Bullard Jr., graduated from NC State in 1956, and then went on to earn his master’s and doctorate in nuclear engineering from NC State.

Which brings us back to Steve (the son of A.G.) and Michael (the nephew of A.G.) and their wives, Lisa and Lisa, and then their children, Emily, Christopher and Meredith. It adds up to four generations of Bullards who have studied at NC State.

“As fourth generation Wolfpackers, Christopher, Emily and Meredith grew up in Wolfpack families and were constantly surrounded with traditions and role models that helped shape who they are today,” reads the winning essay.

“Each one grew up hearing the stories of their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, going to NCSU football and basketball games, dressing up in Wolfpack t-shirts and cheerleading outfits, and learning by example what it means to really “bleed red.”



6 Responses to “Bullard family to be honored for “bleeding red” for 87 years”

  1. Garner High Alumni says:

    Your Garner Trojan family salutes our Trojans on The Family of the Year honor! We are proud to call you our own as well!

  2. Sandra Bailey says:

    Lisa: Congratulations on bleeding red for 87 years (not that you are 87, far from it). We both know that NC State is a #1 university and you are a big part of that #1. You are a great leader and teacher to the undergrads in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at NC State. Hopefully, the “Bullard” family tree will grow even more in the coming years.

  3. Jim Downs says:

    Congratulations! .. your friends in East Tennessee salute you!

  4. Eugene Pickler says:

    A. G. Jr. was a classmate and friend of mine. I’m glad to see the family is still red.

  5. Christine Grant says:

    WOW – I now understand all of the Wolfpack momentos in your office Lisa. What a fitting tribute to you and your amazing family. Our students are better because of your enthusiasm and commitment to NCSU.

    Go PACK!!!!

  6. Carol Rahmani says:

    Congratulations, Steve and family! It’s a pleasure to serve on the CHASS Advisory Board with someone whose Wolfpack roots go back so far! Wishing you all the best.

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