Campus Changes: Making a better way for pedestrians

September 26, 2013
By Bill Krueger

blog_seriesNot long ago, the automobile ruled on Stinson Drive.

Students walking on Stinson, with its two-way traffic and parking on both sides of the street, had to compete with cars to get where they were going. “The sidewalks were really narrow,” says Lisa Johnson, university architect. “At class change, the street was overwhelmed.”

As part of the university’s effort in recent years to make the campus more pedestrian-friendly and establish a network of “campus paths,” Stinson—which runs roughly from Pullen Road to near Harrelson Hall—got a major facelift.

No more two-way traffic; today there’s only one lane for vehicular traffic. Parking on one side of the street was moved to another location (Johnson stresses that parking spots are never eliminated, just moved).

photoAnd most important, the narrow sidewalks have been replaced. On the north side of the street, the brick sidewalk is nearly as wide as the roadway. Most of the existing trees were left in place, and new landscaping was added.

The project was originally funded when Riddick, one of the buildings along the street, was being renovated. Now the corridor that runs between heavily used buildings like Broughton and Polk, Riddick and Daniels is a pleasant walk for students changing classes instead of an exercise in frustration.

—Sylvia Adcock ’81


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