Today in NC State History: Judicial board stamps out raids

September 19, 2013
By Chris Saunders

blog_series6The NC State Judicial Board is charged with holding hearings on student conduct and academic matters like plagiarism.

But sometimes the behavior is more scandalous in nature.

Such was the case on this day in 1957 when, after an increasing number of panty raids, the judicial board intervened and established a zero-tolerance policy for the rampant bloomer burglaries.

“The apprehension of any student on the scene of mob violence shall be considered PRIMA FACIE evidence of participation in mob violence,” read the policy as printed in the The Technician. “Therefore, students arrested at the scene of any mob action, such as a panty raid, will be considered guilty of participating in the raid, unless evidence or subsequent testimony indicates otherwise.”

Though the policy appeared in The Technician, we could find no evidence of the student body being formally briefed on the matter in 1957.


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