Kinston celebrates new PBS series starring Vivian Howard ’00

September 13, 2013
By Bill Krueger

The overflow crowd that gathered at Chef & the Farmer in downtown Kinston, N.C., on Thursday night already appreciates the culinary magic that NC State alumna Vivian Howard has brought to town.

1ieAtW.AuSt.156Now they hope that A Chef’s Life, the new PBS documentary series starring Howard, will spread the word to others.

“It’s a pretty incredible experience for the region,” said John Chaffee, president and CEO of North Carolina’s Eastern Region, an economic development agency for Eastern North Carolina. “We have an urban, very chic restaurant in a relatively small town.”

Chaffee and others came to Chef & the Farmer Thursday night to watch the series premiere. The 13-episode season is airing on Thursday nights in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and on a variety of nights and times on PBS stations throughout the country.

The show, which has been in the works for about three years, was initially conceived by Howard as a way to showcase Southern food traditions that were in danger of being lost to time. The show does that, but it also follows Howard and her husband, Ben Knight, as they deal with the challenges of running an upscale restaurant serving fresh, seasonal food in an economically depressed area.

In the moments before the show aired last night, Howard told the crowd of local business and government leaders, friends and family that she hoped the show would help viewers across the country see that Southern towns are not filled with rednecks and “bumbling idiots.”

“I hope it’s something you feel proud of,” she said. “It presents our region the way that we see it.”

Stephen Hill, co-founder and CEO of Mother Earth Brewing and chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce, said he hopes the series will bring more visitors to Kinston in search of a good meal and, yes, a cold beer.

“It puts us in a much better light,” he said. “This is like we really are, not what they think we are.”

The first episode was clearly a hit with the crowd that filled a large banquet room above the restaurant. They nodded knowingly when they saw someone they knew on screen and laughed when Howard playfully rebuffed Knight when he tried to kiss her at the restaurant. And they rose to applaud when the episode ended.

“This is a special moment for us, for our community,” Knight said. “We tried to put our best foot forward.”


2 Responses to “Kinston celebrates new PBS series starring Vivian Howard ’00”

  1. Chris Austin says:

    My wife and I really enjoy this show and love how it showcases local farmers of all kinds. Would love to see how Vivian could incorporate peanuts and soybeans into some great menu items.

  2. Lahna Rae Bland says:

    I love this program on P.B.S, i live in Asheville N.C. a Foodie mecca. Vivian and her husband seem very down to earth and having worked in many restaurants throughout my life i find the many scenarios in each show so relatable. On last Sundays episode Vivian was frustrated with not having enough reliable employees, i only wish i lived there, i’d love to be part of this wonderful Food to Table journey with their restaurant. Where exactly is Kinston in eastern N.C.? i would love to visit sometime.

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