‘Architect’ alumna helps construct fun learning solutions

September 9, 2013
By Chris Saunders

Tracy Bissette considers herself an architect even though she’s never built a house or designed a building.

Instead, Bissette, who graduated from NC State in 1995 with a degree in textiles, is a self-proclaimed “chief learning architect” at her business WeejeeLearning, an e-learning company that develops fun and exciting programs companies can use to train their employees.

abt_tracyb02Businesses approach Bissette and the other designers at Weejee, which Bissette started with a business partner in 2010, with a specific goal in mind. They may want their employees to take part in orientation or undergo compliance or customer-service training. Bissette has different ways of explaining what Weejee does with the training, claiming that “The Blah Stops Here” or describing the development as “Funification.”

Regardless of what she calls it, the goal is the same: Engaging adult learners at various Fortune 500 companies in ways they have not been educated before. “I see it is as making [learning] more ‘edutainment,'” says Bissette. “It used to be that every module was two hours long and they had a fifteen-minute closing. If training is going to be effective, you have to get their attention.”

Bissette calls upon her master’s degree in instructional design from George Mason University and her previous endeavors with developing e-learning curricula for education companies like All Kinds of Minds and Mindworks Multimedia to find creative ways to get learners involved. It may be adding music or telling a story instead of just providing a list of instructions to employees. Sometimes, she’ll develop a game to teach the material.

logo_wjlThose solutions help Bissette and WeejeeLearning take home awards for their creative solutions.  She was named by the Triangle Business Journal as one of RTP’s “Top 40 under 40″ in 2012, and the company’s designs have been heralded in Training Magazine.


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