NC State throwing a party for students, alumni and friends

August 22, 2013
By Bill Krueger

Want to have some Wolfpack fun? Looking for some interesting ways to get reconnected to your alma mater?

Then check out Packapalooza, an all-day block party and street festival along Hillsborough Street on Saturday, Aug. 24 to help kick off the new academic year. There will be music from several different bands, food and a wide range of activities – many of them showing you some of the interesting stuff being done at NC State these days., students will be there to wrap up Wolfpack Welcome Week. But alumni and friends of the university are welcome to join in on the fun.

The event runs from 2-10 p.m. from Pogue Street to the roundabout near the Memorial Bell Tower and it’s free and open to the public.

MuteMath is the musical headliner, but you’ll also be able to hear from the likes of Kooley High, The Embers, GalFriday Band, and Pam Saulsby and the Reel Deep band.

And did we mention that NC State’s Scotty McCreery will be performing a song — with Chancellor Randy Woodson and Head Football Coach Dave Doeren?!

But there’s so much more. You can enjoy deep-fried candy bars, turkey legs and NC State’s own Howling Cow ice cream. You can learn about the history of the Bell Tower and what makes it chime. You can learn about sustainability efforts at NC State and check out the alternative vehicle showcase, or connect to your inner arts in the Arts Zone.

Students could ride many different types of rides to get in theWolfpack sports fans will get a chance to meet some of their favorite NC State athletes or try their hand at hitting a baseball or being a combatant in a water balloon battle.

You can even learn more about all the cool stuff going on at the Alumni Association, and the benefits of being a member.

There’s much, much more to do at Packapalooza, so check here for more details on the day’s events. Have fun and Go Pack!


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