We need your memories of Move-In Day at NC State

July 25, 2013
By Bill Krueger

The summer issue of NC State magazine should be arriving in mailboxes any day now. We’re already at work on putting together the next issue, and we plan to include a section on alumni memories of Move-in Day — that day when you said good-bye to Mom and Dad and hello to college life.

We’d like to hear your stories, and we’ll publish some of them in the next issue of the magazine. What were your first impressions of your dorm room or of your roommate? What did you bring along to make things feel more like home? What do you wish you’d brought? Any tearful farewells or last-minute runs to the store?

Share your story of Move-In Day in the comments section. Don’t forget to include your full name, hometown and class year.

If you would prefer, you can write us at ncstate_editor@ncsu.edu.



9 Responses to “We need your memories of Move-In Day at NC State”

  1. Matthew Modlin says:

    Class of 2000, move-in was Fall of 1996.

    I’m from Raleigh (about a 20 minute drive to campus), and my older brother had graduated in the Spring of 1996, just before I showed up. I took his sage advice, and I showed up on move-in day with a pillow, a toothbrush, and a clean pair of socks. I was moved in about 15 minutes.

    I walked around campus and found all my buildings, bought my books, and then introduced myself to people on my hallway and helped them carry their stuff to their rooms. It was a great way to meet new people.

    Then, I got up early the next morning, drove back home, got all of my belongings, and brought them back to campus when there wasn’t any traffic.

  2. Sara Spayd says:

    August 1970 was hot and the dorms were not air-conditioned. My best friend from high school and I roomed together. Her brother, my Dad and our Mothers moved us into Carroll 304A. My sister made “soft” cookies for us. My friend’s brother was really hungry after moving us in, so he started eating one of the cookies. The longer he chewed, the bigger the bite of cookie became. I am pretty sure that was the only bite of the cookies actually eaten.

  3. Kevin Strauss says:

    I’ll never forget my first day at NC State way back in 1987. I had helped two older siblings go to college but it was nothing like State. I was fortunate enough to be selected to live in Metcalf’s Living & Learning Program but since it was far from any road there was no easy access for my parents’ station wagon (yes, the kind with the fake wood paneling on the side). So, we parked in a satellite parking lot and loaded ALL of my belongings onto a tractor.

    I grew up in Maryland and more specifically the suburbs of Washington DC. Short of 1-2 hayrides in my life, I really had no experience with farm equipment. Needless to say, moving in on a tractor was quite a shock!

    My parents helped me unpack and settle in and when it was time for them to leave, well, I was pretty nervous. I was that kid who cried at sleepaway camp even when he was 12. By 14 I was doing much better with my separation anxiety but my mom still tells the story of our parting words when I said, “Now what do I do?” She gave me a big hug and said to just say hi to my suitemates and I’ll figure out the rest.

    Thankfully, I had great suitemates and you know what, we were all in the same boat. Sure, many freshman at State have lots of friends who also attend. I did too, somewhere on campus. But these were the guys I was living with. It wasn’t long before we headed to the dining hall and started to be good friends. My roommate (who lived in Cary, NC) and I got to work on building our bunk beds and in just a few days classes would begin.

    Going away to college is a huge transition. Having a connection back home can make the transition a lot easier and while I called home each week technology today could make it even easier. I even operate a website that helps build stronger connections between family members called http://www.familyejournal.com and colleges is a major market for me.

    I’m happy to say after only two weeks I was well settled into a pattern meeting new people and working hard on tough engineering classes. I spent all four years at Metcalf as an Upperclass Advisor and Resident Advisor. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing college career and to think… it all started on a tractor!

    Kevin Strauss
    Columbia, MD
    Class of 1991

  4. Cherron Garrett says:

    Hometown: Roxboro NC
    Class of 2001

    I remember it was the summer of 1997 and it was HOT! Back then Tucker didn’t have air conditioning so it was a long day of making trips back and forth to the car and trekking up to the top floor. It was a long day for my parents and I but we were all so excited to be there. We had a cooler with ice and water and after it was all done we went out for a quick dinner. That Monday it was off to the races with the rest of the freshmen getting our bearings and navigating our way through campus to our classes. So exciting, and the best year ever was my freshman experience!

  5. Lakisha Brandon says:

    Class of 2009
    Moved in the fall of 2005
    Hometown Charlotte, NC

    We drove two vehicles.
    In the first vehicle was my father and I and I’ve never seen my father cry, til the day we drove 2.5 hrs to Raleigh, NC.

    In the second vehicle was my mother and sister who also cried all 2.5 hrs to Raleigh, NC.

    Oh yeah, and I cried too.

    I remember the heaviness I felt in my heart that day, feeling as if I were losing my family and my best friend (my sister 2 years younger than I).

    I remember driving up to Wood, the dorm I was to spend the next year living, the dorm I was to call my home, and seeing all of the bricks on campus.

    When my family left, in their 2 cars, I went inside the community bathroom and just cried my eyes out.

    There was definitely a lot of crying that day.

    Being the oldest of 2 siblings, it was definitely a hard transition but a transition that lead me to define who I was and what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I loved being at NC State and wearing the red, black and white and attending all of the wolfpack games!

    I remember in December, 2009 after my last final exam ever at NCSU, I cried all the way to Chapel Hill to pick up my sister. I never wanted to leave NCSU. NCSU felt like home. Forever in my heart, I will always be a wolfpack girl 🙂

  6. Cornelius A. Lindsey says:

    Cornelius A. Lindsey

    Clinton, NC by way of Hobbton High School

    It was August 1997. My mother and father have always allowed me to explore different avenues in life. I thank them for that. I had moved into Metcalf Hall and my family had helped me unpack. My sister, Michelle Lindsey, was already a student at State and she also helped. As I was walking my parents back to their car, my mother gets to Reynolds and just breaks down into tears. That moment has lasted in my mind to this very day. It was a sad moment, but this small town, country boy had to grow up fast and become a man. Although she doesn’t know it, or at least she acts like she doesn’t, this was an intricate part of that maturation process.

    I didn’t graduate due to a physical illness that wouldn’t allow me to finish at shcool at that time. I left Raleigh in July of 1999. I know for a fact those two years at State were the most profound and defining years of my life. I am a Wolfpack. No matter how you look at it, N.C. State is my school. I did end up graduating from a different school and I am now a college instructor and an IT Technician. Things might not go how you plan, but the only way for them not to go at all, is by stopping your journey. Make the best of your time at State. I did.

  7. Richard McArthur says:

    It was 1981 and I had the great fortune to be a member of the NSCU Football and Track Team. I came up in early July to begin my career for the pack. My mother came up with me. I went to Case Athletic Center and was given my assigned room. For those of you who are from the Old School.. Athletes stayed at the Old College Inn. A converted hotel that had an elevated parking deck and small pool. When we pulled up it was clear that this a old building in much need of repair. My room was underneath the parking deck. We pulled up and there was a slight rain storm and there was water leaking down from the parking deck above. When we entered the room my mothers face went white. It was a real mess. It looked like a frat house had just moved out. Cans were everywhere, the mattress was off the box spring. It was really a mess. As all good mother do she helped me clean it… We went and got some cleaning supplies and we cleaned the room for about an hour. With the help of my loving mother, Mary McArthur, the room was now livable. I unpacked the car and sat with my mother in the now clean room. We prayed together as the Lord was central to our families life. Well, I told her, I guess it is time for you to go now. Tears welled up in her eyes. She felt that she was leaving me in a dungeon… I told her that this was the place the Lord had called me to be and that all would be fine. She gave me a hug that I still remember to this day… She said she was so proud of me and that she loved me with all her heart. Tears began to enter my eyes. I told her that she was the best mother any son could have and that I thank the Lord for having her in my life. She got into the car and drove slowly away. On the radio, was the pointer sisters song playing ” slow hand” She told me that every time she hears that song she thinks of that day. I stood there watching her drive away. There was no cell phones back then, no email or internet. I was alone, in a strange place with no friends. I went back into my room, sat down at the table and read Psalm 23. My years at NCSU were fantastic. I met some really great people and made life long friends. State prepared me for so many things.. I recently graduated with my Masters in Coaching from Ohio University. I have two wonderful sons, Christian Thomas and Daniel Patrick McArthur and have been blessed by God in so many ways. Much of who I am and what I have done can be traced back to that day a loving mother took her son to College. Thanks Mom and Dad ( Donald H McArthur ) for giving me the opportunity to have a dream.

  8. Tim Huffman BSCE 1980 says:

    It was August of 1975 and my parents drove me the 5 hours from our home in the mountains to NC State. I moved in with a hot plate, two suitcases and a fan (there was no AC in the dorms then.) It took about 30 minutes to check in to Becton and move my stuff in. My mom had packed a lunch for us and we went over to the Belltower and we sat on a curbstone there and ate tomato sandwiches then they drove me back to my dorm, gave me a hug and a kiss and they left. It was a long drive home for them. Two hours later, my roomate and I made it across campus, ran into another guy that we had graduated high-school with and we all went to Hillsboro street because drinking age was 18 then and we were 18 and after that it was on! No place like NCSU and no better way to experience it than to start out in the dorms with all the other desperate dorm rats. Wolfpack forever. Thank God I didn’t go to Chapel Hell.

  9. Richard McArthur says:

    Class of 1985
    Currently live in Cornelius NC

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