Campus Changes: A green park replaces greenhouses

July 25, 2013
By Bill Krueger

blog_seriesRows of greenhouses show up on campus maps behind Kilgore Hall as far back as 1955. Years later, the rows multiplied and filled up much of the space behind Kilgore, stretching south to Yarborough Drive and the railroad tracks. The run-down greenhouses gave the area an almost industrial feel.

“You used to walk through campus and when you would get there, you would feel like you were not on campus anymore,” says Lisa Johnson, university architect.

Today much of the space appears on maps of NC State as a patch of green to signify the park that has replaced the greenhouses.

After the Marye Anne Fox Science Teaching Laboratory was completed in 2004, the research greenhouses were moved off the main campus. A few greenhouses used for teaching are now located behind Fox, while in front is a wide lawn with patches of daylilies for color, walkways for strolling and benches for resting. In one corner, a vine-covered arbor offers shade near a grove of fig trees.

The park-within-a-campus was named the Governors Kerr and Bob Scott Courtyard. Kerr Scott was governor from 1949-53; his son Robert served from 1969-73. The elder Scott graduated from NC State in 1917, while his son graduated in 1952.

At the dedication of the courtyard in 2010, William C. “Bill” Friday  ’41, president emeritus of the UNC system, spoke of the contributions of two NC State graduates who went from farming to the governor’s office.

Friday died in 2012; today a bust of Friday is part of the courtyard, facing Nelson Hall, which for many years was the home of the School of Textiles, of which Friday was a graduate.

— Sylvia Adcock ’81


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