Today in NC State History: Air Force ROTC gets rifles

April 1, 2013
By Chris Saunders

blog_series6A federal ROTC officer came to campus in the spring of 1963 and saw that NC State ROTC cadets had no guns for their drills, according to an article in The Technician from that year.

“Informed sources stated that during a recent Army ROTC federal inspection, the inspecting officer asked a cadet for the range of his weapon,” The Technician reported, “to which the cadet sternly replied, ‘Just as far as I can throw it, sir.'”

As a result on this day in 1963, a new requirement, which would actually take effect that fall, was handed down that all NC State Air Force ROTC cadets were to carry M-14 rifles during scheduled drills.

“We don’t want our cadets to be so ill-prepared in this modern age when anything can happen anytime,” Air Force ROTC officials told The Technician. “Our cadets will be fully equipped. Their rifles will have firing pins, and ammunition will be available at a moment’s notice.”


3 Responses to “Today in NC State History: Air Force ROTC gets rifles”

  1. Chivous Bradley says:

    Was this an April Fool’s article? I was an Air Force cadet during the 63-’64 year and again in 1964-65. I served as an assistand squad leader for drills and section leader for the Air Science Class. We were the Honor Squadron for Gov. Dan Moore’s Inaugural parade. I never remember an Army ROTC Inspection of the Air Force Program. The inspections I remember were done by Air Force Officers. We never carried a rifle in drills.

  2. Richard Paschall says:

    I was in advanced Air Force ROTC then and I do not remember that we had rifles for drill…hmm, it is April 1st today.

  3. Bob G says:

    M14’s for the Air Force. They did better than the Army ROTC. We had M1’s from ’65 through ’69.

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