Sarah Levitt ’91 is a coach for leadership, life and business

February 20, 2013
By Bill Krueger

Sarah Levitt got her start as an entrepreneur, building a greenhouse business from scratch to one that captured nearly half of the market share in North Carolina. But when she got out of that business four years ago, Levitt found something else that she that she was good at — coaching.

Levitt, a 1991 NC State grad, is a life and business coach based in Raleigh. She works with companies and individual clients to help executives and others become better leaders and find the proper balance between work and personal life. She also speaks at conferences and workshops, and is one of the speakers at the Career Services Webinar Series being held by the Alumni Association. Levitt will be the speaker at two online sessions, one on Feb. 26 on leadership and a second one, on July 9, on work-life balance.

sarah149color2Levitt says her goal is to help individuals realize “their specific dreams and journeys.” She does that, first, by helping them recognize or identify their own dreams, and then helps them find the tools to make those dreams a reality.

“I listen and I reflect and I ask questions to get to the nature of what people really want, what they yearn for,” Levitt says. “They might initially say they don’t know. It may be because they haven’t asked the question or have stuffed it down. Sometimes it’s a surprise, but often it’s not. It’s the kind of thing they’ve known but haven’t accessed in a while.”

Levitt will work with some clients on time management issues, but is mindful that some techniques can add stress rather than relieve it. “I help them find tools they can use to roll through their very busy life in a calm and centered way,” she says.

“As a coach, one of the fundamental messages is this concept of refueling themselves, thinking of their reserves as limited and that life draws down on them. When we are depleted, we don’t do well. I ask people what fuels their bank accounts. People often know, but they don’t give themselves permission to enjoy those things. I’ve had people say that exercise or playing music melts the stress away.”

Levitt says she enjoys working with larger groups, such as those in the Career Services Webinar Series, and one-on-one with individual clients. She says some national speaking events are on the horizon.

“I love what I do,” she says. “People just need a space to be heard, to process their hopes and dreams. We don’t really have a place for that in our society. Often times, life is so incredibly busy that it’s hard to find the time. Coaching is about helping them follow the trail of dreams.”


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