NC State’s police chief seeks support for Special Olympics

February 19, 2013
By Bill Krueger

The NC State University Police Department has partnered with the Special Olympics for years to raise money for athletes with intellectual disabilities. This year is no different, with NC State Police Chief Jack Moorman leading the way at Saturday’s Polar Plunge at Lake Raleigh

When we caught up via email with Moorman, an NC State alum, he explained why this partnership is unique. “The nature of our profession of law enforcement is such that we are concerned with fairness and justice and helping those who are disadvantaged,” Moorman writes. “Through our efforts, individuals with intellectual difficulties are able to participate in these Special Olympics events.”

What makes the department’s efforts all worthwhile? “The look of excitement on the faces of the athletes,” writes Moorman. “Many of us know someone who has intellectual difficulties and this makes it even more personal to us.”

Jack Moorman (red shirt) takes the plunge in Lake Raleigh

Jack Moorman takes the plunge in Lake Raleigh

Moorman also highlights the benefits of participating in the Special Olympics for law enforcement officers. “It gives us a chance to show our compassionate side,” he writes, “which is often not presented in the media.”

In 2012, NC State’s police department ranked fourth among other state police departments in funds raised for the Special Olympics.

To get involved in the department’s efforts, consider one (or more) of the following opportunities:

Check out the NCSU Plunge and Run festival. This Saturday, NC State will host its 8th annual Polar Plunge. Anyone can join Moorman in braving Lake Raleigh’s winter water – all participants have to do is raise or donate a minimum of $50 through NC State’s FirstGiving Web site.

Also on Saturday is a 5K run through Centennial Campus. Visit the university’s Torch Run page for additional information.

– Lindsay Williams


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