Today in NC State History: Geller goes mental at campus show

February 18, 2013
By Chris Saunders

blog_series6The legend goes that famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller sat in a research institute at a Stanford University lab and watched as a single die, placed in a closed metal box, was shaken time and again by an experimenter. After each shake, Geller would tell the shaker what number was facing up.

Geller was right eight out of 10 times.

“The research institute will not say the 26-year-old is a psychic,” an article in a 1974 edition of The Technician reported. “It will say that Geller provided demonstrations with results far beyond scientific explanation.”

That and other stories of Geller’s preternatural pursuits accompanied him to NC State’s campus on this day in 1974, when he demonstrated his uncanny abilities to a crowd in Stewart Theatre.

Geller’s demonstrations surpassed merely lucky guesses and crossed over into a realm of imposing psychic forces on inanimate objects, physically altering them with his mind.

Car keys were bent. Minds were blown.


2 Responses to “Today in NC State History: Geller goes mental at campus show”

  1. Uri Geller says:

    Nice story thanks sending much energy to all. Please watch an interesting documentary on my work on HULU.COM called Uri Geller A Life Stranger Than Fiction. Uri

  2. john bart says:

    Uri Geller = LEGEND. I wouldn’t play poker with him though

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