Today in NC State History: Satchmo blows up Reynolds

February 13, 2013
By Chris Saunders

blog_series6Louis Armstrong was intent on taking his wonderful world around the states in 1957 as he and his “All Stars” embarked on a U.S. tour.

And on this day 56 years ago, instead of featuring a heated ACC  basketball game, Reynolds Coliseum played host to the trumpeter Armstrong and other jazz musicians including Trummy Young and Edmond Hall.

The Technician reported that around 3,500 peopled “watched, applauded, and rocked” their way through the two-and-a-half hour concert. And “Satchmo,” as Armstrong was called, tried to keep up. “We gotta keep it jumping,” he said, according to The Technician.

The Interfraternity Council sponsored the event, which marked a first for Reynolds. “As far as could be determined, ‘Satchmo at the Coliseum’ is the first concert ever to be held at the Coliseum that has not lost a lot of money,” reported The Technician. “Even Vaughn Monroe, at the height of his popularity, was a financial failure. The IFC, therefore, is quite gratified with the results of the concert.”

Apologies to all Vaughn Monroe fans.



One Response to “Today in NC State History: Satchmo blows up Reynolds”

  1. Randy Barham says:

    Satchmo was the greatest of all the players. Played like ease with high notes and you didn’t even know it was high. Kudos to NCSU for having an Historical moment. Go Wolfpack

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