Today in NC State History: Students get the shush

February 7, 2013
By Chris Saunders

blog_series6Students somewhere along the way in NC State’s first 40 years forgot that studying and sleeping were meant to be a part of the student experience.

Instead, parties raged against the night, tubas and trombones blared, and those who tried to study and sleep had to deal with another night of noisy dorm life.

But that all changed on this day in 1930, when NC State’s dormitory council drew up a list of regulations to implement a “quiet hour” in dorms.

quiet-hours“The observance of these rules will not hinder the style of any person, but enable the students to study, sleep, and work normally and not be disturbed¬† by distracting noises,” the Feb. 7, 1930, issue of the Technician reported, outlining the new changes. “Each student is on his honor to observe and help others observe these rules.”

The quiet hour extended from 8 p.m. throughout the night, as outlined by the regulations. There was to be no unnecessary noise, no playing of musical instruments and no “peddling or canvassing” in the dorms.

Any violation of the regulations was dealt with by the dormitory council.

And what was the punishment? Records are quiet on the matter.


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