Share your memories of the 1983 national championship run

January 27, 2013
By Bill Krueger

There are few moments in NC State’s history that stand out more than the Wolfpack’s NCAA basketball championship in 1983.

ncaabanner2We know that a lot of memories were made during the Cardiac Pack’s run to the Final Four and the national championship 30 years ago, and we hope you will share your memories with us and other Wolfpackers.

How did you celebrate when the last shot went in? Did you still have any mementos of that amazing moment? What is your favorite memory from the championship game — or one of the games leading up to that moment?

Share your stories here, and we’ll publish some of them in an upcoming issue of NC State magazine. If you prefer, you can send your memories (and any photos) to us at


8 Responses to “Share your memories of the 1983 national championship run”

  1. Sara Spayd (1974) says:

    I worked in Washington state in 1983 and was able to attend the Western Regional games. The games were interesting but watching Coach V and “Tark the Shark” go at it in the same game was the real joy. I did tell my Dad (an NCSC alum) to watch that guy Lorenzo Charles.

  2. Beth Whisnant Thomerson says:

    I remember the great pep rallies on the brickyard and how excited we all were to cheer on our team…luckily I took quite a few pictures of those rallies. I would get so wound up that I’d leave the room the last minute or so for the last few games in the tournament. My boyfriend at the time actually sat on my lap for the final seconds of the final game so that I had to watch the last seconds, and I’m so glad I did…watching Coach Valvano and the rest of the team celebrate such an improbable win is a lasting memory. Wonderful memories I will cherish forever!

  3. Scott Propst says:

    The run began with the regular season victory in Reynolds over the Tarheels. I was up in the rafters for the game, but it was terrific. The students celebrated with an bonfire on the Brickyard. The first of many that seasons. NCSU ’85

  4. Kathi Ellers says:

    I was a senior at NCSU that year and lived off-campus on Avent Ferry Rd. Every time we won, the entire apartment complex would go wild! People would run out of their apts. yelling and screaming and get into their cars and ride down to Hillsborough street and through campus and join the crowds- honking their horns and celebrating. It was a wild, crazy and wonderful time!

  5. Patricia Moore says:

    I lived on campus during this awesome time. It was an experience I will never forget. Excitement was in the air. Our guys certainly lived up to the nicknames “Cardiac Pack” and “Cinderella Team”. I will always be grateful for the wonderful memories they gave us.

  6. Trish Anderson says:

    Although I did not attend State for another two years after the win, my brother was a freshman in 1983. My entire family and another family of NC State fans would gather for EVERY game of the NCAA tournament at their house. We ate the same food, wore the same clothes and sat in the same seats in their den to watch each game. Everyone who was present at the first game had to be there for each and every game thereafter. We were so supersticious and it paid off……at least we think we had something to do with the Cardiac Pack making it all the way in ’83!!!!!! I always loved Jimmy V and thought he was the best ever for our school. I think our current coach, The Gottfather, possesses some of the same characteristics I loved in Jimmy V. Let’s go PACK!!!!

  7. Jim Underwood says:

    That final run will live in my mind forever. Being on the baseball team, I was fortunate enough to see those great players every day at the athletic meal hall and at our residence hall, the old College Inn. Knowing a lot of those guys made that special season even more memorable. I was at my parents’ house during spring break watching the championship game and when Lorenzo made the final shot, I jumped so high I hit my head on the ceiling in their living room. Our neighborhood went wild with car horns blowing. It was so magical and unforgettable. The Cardiac Pack will always be remembered. NCSU ’85

  8. W Hill says:

    I was in a small room at a place called the 118 hotel with 20 people 2 blocks away when the magic hand came up an slammed the ball through the hoop. We went to the brickyard where the bonfire is. It is amazing how many people I run into today that were at that celebration. A close business associate who I did not know then got his pants caught on a bed frame being thrown into the fire and went into the fire with it, to then be pulled back out before he was hurt. It was quite a time. This years team reminds me of the 83 team.

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