Aaron Swart helps jobseekers build effective brands

January 16, 2013
By Bill Krueger

Aaron Swart has always looked for opportunities to help others. He calls it a “spirit of service.”

And it is in that spirit that Swart, a 1996 graduate of the Poole College of Management, started the Panorama Personal Development Group in 2010 after working in the corporate world for several years. Swart is president and CEO of the Raleigh-based company, which works to “establish sustainability in talent acquisition and development, employee engagement, and retention.”

aaron_swart1For Swart, that means helping people find and keep jobs and careers that fit their strengths and passions. He does that by guiding them through a self-evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses, helping them determine their own “brand” identity and then guiding them in communicating that effectively through their resume and online presence on sites such as LinkedIn.

“When people are secure in their own strengths and weaknesses and confident in their own brand, those people will get the jobs and be more competitive,” Swart says. “They know themselves. They know their skill sets, what they can offer the company.”

It can be difficult, Swart says, to get people to recognize their own strengths. “A lot of folks have been told through the years what their weaknesses are,” he says. “I really try to help them focus on the strengths they have. But it’s so natural to them that they may not realize it. When you put words to them, sometimes that can be very surprising to them.”

Swart then helps his clients write what he calls “your value statement,” a description of their core strengths that might fit on a marketing brochure. “You talk about what you’re good at, talk about what you’re going to do and talk about what the results will be,” he says.

Once that is done, clients are ready to communicate their brand to potential employers. A critical piece of that, Swart says, is a smart presence on LinkedIn. He will focus on how to do that as one of the speakers at the Career Services Webinar Series being held by the Alumni Association. Swart’s online sessions about how to use LinkedIn are scheduled for Jan. 22 and Feb. 12. To register, click here.

“LinkedIn is the crucial vehicle to let your brand come alive or die,” Swart says. “A lot of employers are going to LinkedIn and Facebook, trying to find out what you are about, what you are saying, what you are not saying. They need to see your brand consistency, that you are speaking the same language and that you are focused on who you are and what you can do.”

Helping people do that comes back to Swart’s notion of service.

“My goal, in the spirit of service, is to help people build relationships that will translate into success,” he says.


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