Mir Haynes helps jobseekers with resumes, LinkedIn

January 7, 2013
By Bill Krueger

Mir Haynes loves to hear that one of her clients has landed a job interview or, better yet, been hired for a new job. It is the best measure of success for Haynes, who helps people prepare attention-grabbing resumes and build effective LinkedIn pages.

Haynes, who earned a master’s degree in technical communications from NC State, is the owner of RTP Resumes and the first presenter in a series of career webinars being offered this year by the Alumni Association. Haynes is doing a webinar on “Writing a Winning Resume” on Tuesday.

mir_haynes_headshot“Everybody’s resume is a unique challenge to figure out,” says Haynes, who also earned an undergraduate degree in zoology from NC State. “What are the strengths or weaknesses that we need to play up or down?”

For the webinar, Haynes plans to focus on three actual resumes – one from someone looking to change careers, one from a young professional trying to get a career started and one from a parent trying to get back into the workforce. She will look at the resumes before and after she worked on them, helping webinar participants see ways that they can spruce up their own resumes.

“As resumes have become more digital, we’re not bound by some of the older conventions,” Haynes says. “They’ve evolved to a more hybrid design, visually and in terms of content. The tone needs to be reserved and professional, but it also needs to be eye-catching and easy to skim.”

Haynes says job seekers also need to have a strong presence on LinkedIn. A good page on LinkedIn complements a resume by giving potential employers a greater feel for your personality and what you are like to work with.

“It sort of rounds out the facts and figures of your resume with the whole person, giving the sense of who you are outside of work,” she says.

Haynes founded RTP Resumes in 2009 after working as a web marketing writer and online usability consultant for more than 10 years.

“It is all related,” she says. “It is all about your audience. If a company hired us to test their product with an actual audience, they want to know ‘Are we reaching our audience, can they understand what we’re trying to tell them.’ Resumes are not that different. It’s about knowing your audience, what are their needs, their priorities.”


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