Today in NC State History: Building a college library

December 28, 2012
By Bill Krueger

blog_series6In NC State’s early years, the library was nothing more than a small collection of books that shared a building used for other purposes. It’s initial home was in what was known as Main Building (later renamed Holladay Hall), and it moved into the first floor of the new Pullen Hall in 1903.

But as the library’s collection grew — to 10,000 books by the 1920s — college officials and the Alumni Association told state lawmakers that the college needed its own library building. They argued that the existing facilities were “literally a disgrace to an institution of our proportions,” according to North Carolina State University: A Narrative History, by Alice Elizabeth Reagan.

The appeal was successful, with the General Assembly appropriating funds for a new library building. And, on this day in 1923, a contract for the construction of that building was awarded to Joe W. Stout & Company, according to an account in Historical State, an online archive maintained by NCSU Libraries. The cost of the building was to be $227,500.

The new library building, finished in 1926, was later named Brooks Hall in honor of former NC State president Eugene Clyde Brooks. Brooks Hall now houses the College of Design.


3 Responses to “Today in NC State History: Building a college library”

  1. GHarry says:

    Nice to know the history of some of the older bldgs.

  2. Design Student says:

    Where can I find more old pictures of Brooks before the additions?

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