Wolfpackers in Louisville welcome addition to ACC

November 29, 2012
By Bill Krueger

Michael D. Anthony is director of the Cultural Center at the University of Louisville, where he has worked for nine years and earned his master’s and doctoral degrees. But visitors to his office quickly learn that Anthony is a Wolfpacker at heart.

Michael D. Anthony, in his office at the University of Louisville

Michael D. Anthony, in his office at the University of Louisville

His University of Louisville business cards are held by a Mr. Wuf statue, while photos of the Bell Tower, Witherspoon Student Center, the Court of North Carolina and other NC State landmarks hang on his office wall in a montage arranged by his wife. That’s because Anthony, a 2003 graduate of NC State, has never forgotten his roots.

“NCSU is and always will be where my heart lies!” Anthony wrote in an email.

So Anthony was thrilled when he learned this week that Louisville will be joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, saying that Louisville is a strong replacement for the University of Maryland. And Anthony was not alone. Several NC State alums who live in Louisville are excited that it will soon be easier to follow their beloved Wolfpack teams, on television and in person.

Timothy Anderson

Timothy Anderson

“I am ecstatic about Louisville joining the ACC,” wrote Timothy Anderson, 1997 NC State grad who is an IT consultant with Ashland Inc. “In an ideal world, I would love to see the Wolfpack and Louisville in the same divisions so that I can see my Wolfpack teams in person more often. I don’t have any allegiance to U of L but I might consider season tickets to U of L now that ACC teams will be visiting.”

Katheryn Markham, vice president of information systems planning and field services for Kindred Healthcare, has lived in Louisville since 1998. But she says the news that Louisville is joining the ACC made her feel like she was “coming home.”

Markham, a 1980 NC State grad, says she roots for the Louisville basketball team but only when they are not playing NC State. “Still rooting for NCSU every time they play,” she wrote. “Even when they play Louisville…but love both teams.”

Katheryn Markham at an NC State football game in 2010

Katheryn Markham at an NC State football game in 2010

She noted that both teams share a fondness for the color red and have rivals, Kentucky in Louisville’s case, that favor the color blue. “Did you notice that Louisville fans wear the same strong color – RED?,” she wrote. “It was very comfortable for me to join the Cards fans.”

Margie Bower, a 1990 NC State grad who is a human relations/payroll specialist for a heating and air company in Louisville, says she will not be divided in her loyalties. “I am really looking forward to U of L joining the ACC,” she wrote. “The ability to see more games on TV will be great. Also, Louisville’s athletic facilities are great and I think the teams there will enjoy playing here.”

“Just be assured I will always have my Wolfpack gear on when they play, be it here or there.”

Anthony says Louisville’s fans are passionate, but that his colleagues at the university respect his commitment to NC State.

“They understand how it is,” he wrote. “NCSU is a first love, like Louisville is to many folks here, so they get it. Plus they respect loyalty and commitment.”


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