Share your stories of how NC State transformed you

October 16, 2012
By Bill Krueger

PrintHow did NC State transform you?

We want to know what sort of difference NC State has made in your life. We want to hear about classes you took that changed the way you think or professors who became mentors or who helped steer you toward an unexpected career. We want to hear about friends you made at NC State who have stuck with you through the years. Or how lessons learned while working with a student organization helped you after your days on campus were done.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to share your story of how NC State transformed you. We’re collecting them for a special, commemorative winter issue of NC State magazine to help the university celebrate it’s 125th birthday.

The issue will take you back to the days when NC State was formed, explore some of the university’s most notable research breakthroughs, sift through the fact and fiction of some of the urban legends about NC State and reacquaint you with some of the greatest Wolfpack athletes ever.

And we hope your story will be in the magazine as well. We’ll publish a selection of your responses in the anniversary issue, to be published in winter.

You can either post your story of transformation in our comments section or write us at Please be sure to include your name and class year. If you have photos of your days at NC State, we’d love to see those, too.


One Response to “Share your stories of how NC State transformed you”

  1. Roger Townley says:

    My wife and I arrived in Raleigh in May, 1977 having never visited the state. We moved from Dallas, TX where we worked full time after college graduation in 1975.

    After spending most of my life in Kansas and my wife in Indiana we were drawn to Raleigh by the highly rated food science department where I was accepted as a Master of Science candidate.
    Having watched David Thompson and ACC basketball admittedly influenced the decision to move east as well.

    I received my B.S. degree in Bakery Science from Kansas State where my entire family had matriculated. Being the youngest child it was important for me to seek a new opportunity at a different school in a different place.

    After the initial shock of the austere looking State campus circa 1977, my wife and I embraced our new home and my new school. I took required classes needed to prepare for the M.S. program in summer school and adjusted with a few anxious moments to the demands of academia. We met lifelong friends and enjoyed the offerings of a college environment including concerts, sports, lectures, etc.

    I remember being impressed with the more rigorous academic demands of State compared to my undergrad memories at Kansas State. My greatest challenge was Biochemistry 551 taught by Swede Jones, a no nonsense prof who was demanding but fair. I had heard horror stories about the course from fellow food science grad students some of which were justified. I was determined to not be intimidated by Jones or the course but after scoring a zero on the first weekly ten point quiz I admit to having had a few doubts. My ever supportive wife took a positive approach and suggested an incentive to ensure future success on the weekly quizzes. Her idea was to reward me/us with a meal out if I scored 7.5 or higher on each quiz.

    Well, the next week I scored a perfect 10 and our reward was a trip to the Pizza Inn on Glenwood Avenue for all – you – can eat beef ribs served every Monday night. They were great and upon each subsequent fulfillment of the weekly goal we returned for more delicious ribs.

    Needless to say my wife and I enjoyed many similar good times during our two years in Raleigh. The highlight was the successful completion of the course spurred on by my wife’s creative incentive program.

    Over thirty five years later we love our adopted state where we have lived for over thirty years and we love to relive the memories of those first years as midwest transplants.
    We are proud to have raised two State grads and our son – in – law will complete a Masters degree in December to complement an NCSU undergrad degree.
    Who would have dreamed that a journey to a far away unknown place would provide so much fulfillment and happiness?

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