Today in NC State History: No tolerance for sleeping students

September 25, 2012
By Bill Krueger

PrintDudley Williams was pleased to join the faculty at NC State in 1963 as the new head of the physics department. He had previously worked at Ohio State.

Williams had high expectations for his students, and on this day in 1963, he let them know what would happen if they failed to meet his expectations.

If they fell asleep in his class, Williams warned, he would throw a piece of chalk directly at them, according to Historical State, an online archive maintained by NCSU Libraries.

Would that be considered a “chalk talk?”


2 Responses to “Today in NC State History: No tolerance for sleeping students”

  1. John Harrison says:

    Old Math professor for 0750 Harrelson Hall class said he wanted mirrors installed over the chalk boards so we would see what he saw (lots of funny looking sleeping students 😉

  2. Susan Currin Hiscocks says:

    C. J. Skender was an Accounting Professor that made you want to get up and go to class just to see what he would do next. Tossing candy bars out for correct answers to questions, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, the “morning mystery oldie” and the famous “if you know what single is on the flip side of the Jackon 5’s ABC, 123 record, you can leave now with an A for the semester” are of a few of the antics he is still famous for among is students.

    He has gone over to that other school in Chapel Hill to teach now, but I hear he still shows up to class everyday with candy bars to throw out to his students.

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