Recently discovered music marked NC State’s 75th anniversary

July 27, 2012
By Minnie Bridgers

In 1962, NC State celebrated its 75th anniversary. That year also marked the centennial of the signing of the Morrill Act, the landmark legislation that paved the way for land-grant universities such as NC State. To mark both occasions, the music department commissioned a musical composition by noted North Carolina composer M. Thomas Cousins. The piece, called “Of Earth and Atom,” celebrated NC State and its land-grant legacy. It was performed by the symphonic band accompanied by the men’s chorus, with spoken and sung parts. The musical score was thought to have to been lost in the 1965 fire at Pullen Hall, but the score was recently found in the archives of D.H. Hill Library. Harry Tune ’62, who performed the piece as first trombone, and Brent Cousins ’73, ’74, the son of the composer, are working to see if the composition can be performed again this year as NC State celebrates its 125th year. To hear a recording of a 1962 performance, click here.


2 Responses to “Recently discovered music marked NC State’s 75th anniversary”

  1. Alan Pate says:

    Where can I find the lyrics?

  2. Chris Saunders says:

    We actually just posted the lyrics in a new blog entry. Hope you enjoy!

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