Share your stories of your favorite NC State traditions

July 11, 2012
By Bill Krueger

What are some of the special NC State traditions that you enjoyed the most during your time as a student?

doughnutTailgating before the big game, or perhaps running in the the Krispy Kreme Challenge? Helping build a homecoming float or taking part in a Ram Roast? Maybe you and your friends made up your own campus traditions.

0009027-show1No matter what campus traditions you enjoyed, we’ve love to hear your stories.

Share them with us here, or write us at We’ll publish some of the memories in an upcoming issue of NC State. Please include your name and the year you graduated from NC State. Go Pack!


One Response to “Share your stories of your favorite NC State traditions”

  1. David Charron says:

    After attending a football game, it became a contest between my friends and myself to see who could collect the most NCSU cups. Back in the early 80’s, the cups were the short heavy plastic which I still have today. You would see people with stacks 50+ cups high. Then came time for counting and washing. Early Christmas presents would include an NCSU cup.

    David Charron – 1984 BS-CSC back when it was in the PAMS school.

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