Today in NC State History: Athletic Council awards sweaters

May 14, 2012
By Chris Saunders

PrintFormer NC State head football coach Bill Fetzer wrote in the 1920 Agromeck that he believed college athletics had made a steady comeback since World War I. He drew parallels between being a good athlete and soldier. And he wrote about the values of Wolfpack athletics at the time.

“Clean living and clean thinking are of first importance to the person who expects to be an athlete,” he wrote. “All athletic directors lay stress on these facts. This is as it should be, especially the case in all intercollegiate athletics.”

The Monogram Club in the early 1920s. Photo courtesy of NCSU Libraries.

The Monogram Club in the early 1920s. Photo courtesy of NCSU Libraries.

The Athletic Council apparently agreed with Fetzer and wanted some way to celebrate athletes who had accomplished great things in their respective sports.

So on this day in 1920, the Council made the decision to award sweaters to athletes who had received letters, or monograms, for their achievements. The sweaters, adorned with stars and an “N” and a “C” nestled inside of the block-S, soon made their way on campus.

Twenty-eight young men made up that first group of those who lettered in 1920. They are called “Monogram Men” in that Agromeck, and several of them lettered in the four sports listed: football, baseball, basketball and track. S.L. Homewood and R.N. Gurley lettered in three of the four. (Subsequent Agromecks dubbed them the “Monogram Club.”)


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