Withers Hall welcomes Free Expression Tunnel exhibit

May 10, 2012
By Chris Saunders
Moore looks at the Free Expression Tunnel.

Moore looks at the Free Expression Tunnel.

An exhibit in Withers Hall on display through the end of May celebrates the history of the Free Expression Tunnel, which has been an important part of NC State’s campus since 1967.

The exhibit depicts the tunnel’s legacy as a forum for free speech on campus. Students have used the tunnel to debate about controversial topics, sometimes blurring the lines between free speech and hate speech. Michael Moore, a first-year public history graduate student, came up with the idea for the exhibit in a history class about museums.

“I think the most fascinating thing about the Free Expression Tunnel is that even after 45 years, it is still generating intense discussions about the place of free expression on the college campus,” Moore says. “The fact that it remains a controversial landmark makes it a tough subject to represent, but I also think it provides a unique opportunity for us as students of museology to develop our skills as future professionals.”

Moore says he hopes the exhibit will continue the Free Expression Tunnel’s legacy by causing people to reflect and discuss ideas. “In creating an exhibit that is hopefully as respectful as it is challenging, we give voice to as many viewpoints as possible and in the process perhaps create some really constructive dialogue.”

Visit the Facebook event page the class set up for more information.


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