Today in NC State History: Wolfpack welcomes back Sloan

May 10, 2012
By Chris Saunders

PrintRead the 1967 Agromeck sports section, and you’ll find a list of things the 1966-67 men’s basketball team didn’t have. It didn’t have many wins, losing more conference games than any other Wolfpack team and tying the record for consecutive losses. It didn’t have many returning veterans. And it didn’t have Press Maravich, who had left to go to Louisiana State University after coaching the Wolfpack for two seasons upon Everett Case’s departure.

But here’s what it did have: “The only coach in the country whose wife sang the National Anthem before games,” the Agromeck reads. “It had class.”

0008574-showThe purveyor of that class was none other than Norm Sloan. On this day in 1966, NC State hired “Stormin’ Norman” to become head coach of its men’s basketball program. Sloan would come to join Case, his former head coach, on a would-be Mt. Rushmore of NC State coaching greats after his team won the NCAA championship eight years later in 1974.

Sloan was one of  Case’s original “Hoosier Hotshots,” a group from Indiana that Case brought to Raleigh to run his up-tempo style. He played for the Wolfpack from 1947-49, fighting for playing time behind guard Vic Bubas. After his playing days, Sloan took coaching gigs at Presbyterian and the Citadel before landing at the University of Florida in 1960. He would coach there for six years before NC State hired him away for a three-year, $12,000 annual contract. After compiling a 266-127 record at NC State in 13 years, he returned to Gainesville to coach the Gators from 1980-1989.


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