Today in NC State History: The first Windhover is published

May 1, 2012
By Bill Krueger

PrintNC State has long been heavy on science, mathematics and technology. But even scientists need a creative outlet, right?

On this day in 1964, the inaugural issue of Windhover was released to address such concerns. Windhover is NC State’s annual literary and visual magazine. The most recent issue was released last month.

The Windhover was not published from 1970-73, according to the journal’s website. A creative writing class at NC State published three issues of  The Whole Thing, a similar literary journal, in 1974.

In 2001, NC State magazine wrote about Windhover and its success in collegiate press contests.

“There are always two ways to read something, and Windhover encourages the average reader to go beyond surface value,” said Emily Townley, who was then the editor of Windhover.

“A lot of times (at a science and technology university), we want to quantify everything, and we appreciate only the empirical data that come our way. But it’s really important for us to stretch our minds and work on pursuing other avenues of thought.”


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